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Zambia - Coalition Director Elected in the FTI Board

Miriam Chonya Chinyama, Executive Director of Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) has been elected into the Board of the EFA-Fast Track Initiative (FTI) effective May 2011.

 Chinyama (R), with ANCEFA Mr Sow at the sidelines of GCE Assembly in Paris, in February 2011. Belwo, she converses with GCE former President, Kairash Satyarthi-* Chinyama is one of the civil society representatives that made it into the Board through an election process facilitated by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) earlier in the year.

  • The GCE Coordinator, Owain James, announced news of Chinyama’s election on 18 May 2011.
  • Commenting on the development, Bob Prouty, Head of the EFA FTI Secretariat, said Chinyama’s election into the Board was a great opportunity for both Zambia and the civil society fraternity. Among others, Prouty said, she would be able to lobby for policies and reforms that should favor civil society organizations in their advocacy for EFA on the continent.
  • Prouty was making the comment on 13 May during his visit to Zambia where he was reviewing the FTI funding to Zambia, and also preparing the county for submission of the next funding application to FTI.
  • ZANEC is one of the experienced coalitions in Southern Africa, affiliated to ANCEFA. The coalition is also hosting the Lusaka Program office for ANCEFA.
  • There are two civil society seats in the FTI Board, one representing the Northern/International civil society organizations, and the other representing the Southern Civil society seat.
  • Chinyama represents the Southern Civil Society Seat, and her alternate is Nagi Mansour al-Shafe -SNEFA. Representing the Northern seat is David Archer from Action Aid International, and his alternate is Joseph O’Reilly from Save the Children International.

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