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Our network has existed for ten years, campaigning for an end to illiteracy and promoting achievement of Education for All (EFA) goals in Africa.

The following is a highlight of our successes:

Institutional Growth

ANCEFA is celebrating successes as follows:

  • Growth of membership in 2011 to 35 national education coalitions from an initial 19 in 2001.
  • Fully fledged Board and functional Secretariat, present in four countries.
  • Increased accountability through regular annual activity reports and audit reports
  • Development of governance documents including the constitution, the strategic plan (2010-2014) and human resource manual.
  • The Secretariat budget size has grown from less than Euros 500,000 per year in 2003 to around Euros 1.5 million a year in 2010 reflecting the growth of programs and projects.

Capacity building of civil society networks

Thousands of members of civil society education networks from more than 25 countries in Africa have accessed capacity building trainings in a number of areas:

  • Coalition governance and networking
  • Education budget monitoring and tracking
  • Evidence-based advocacy
  • Resource mobilisation
  • Education research

Partnership Development

  • ANCEFA has development partnerships with national, regional and international organisations including civil society networks, political organisations, and United Nations agencies.
  • Consequently, ANCEFA is recognised as partner and stakeholder engaged in policy dialogue at continental and global levels through organisations such as ECOWAS, SADEC, the African Union, UNESCO, Global Campaign for Education (GCE), the Executive Committee of the Fast Track Initiative (FTI)

Policy Influencing

  • The advocacy of ANCEFA member coalitions has contributed to the increase in national budgets allocated to education in at least 15 Sub-Saharan African countries (from 2000 to 2010).
  • Recognition of national coalitions as partners and stakeholders engaged in policy dialogue through governments in at least 21 African countries.
  • ANCEFA has established since 2007 the Africa Education Watch which has enabled to release 12 country reports and 1 regional report on progresses achieved by Africa in EFA. This has promoted evidence based advocacy at country and international levels.

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