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World Teachers Day 2010


In observance of the 2010 World Teachers Day falling on 5 October Africa Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA) congratulates all teachers for remaining steadfast in discharging their duties even as they suffer personal and institutional challenges as the world recovers from the global economic crisis experienced in 2008 and 2009.

ANCEFA recognizes that teachers are very critical to provision of quality education and achievement of both the Education for All (EFA) goals and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015 in Africa. The MDG report presented during the 2010 United Nations summit held in New York in September shows that to achieve universal primary education by 2015 in Africa the number of teachers required equals the current number.

In addition UNESCO EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010 notes that Africa needs to recruit some 1.2 million out of the 1.9 million new teachers required worldwide to achieve EFA and ensure that the over 31 million out of school children in SSA receive quality education.

The theme chosen by UNESCO for this year is, “recovery begins with teachers”. Given the prevailing statistics, the relevance of this theme to Africa cannot be overemphasized. African governments need to invest more in education and teachers as a way of not only addressing the negative impact of the aftermath of the economic crisis on educators, but also as a way of addressing the shortfall in teacher supply in our schools.

ANCEFA therefore calls upon African leaders to fulfil the investment commitment of allocating at least 20% of the national budget or 6% of GDP to education. This should be realized by among others, expanding domestic revenue and adopting realistic macroeconomic policies and targets that make it easy to expand spending in education.
The leadership of the African Union and sub regional economic blocks like ECOWAS, SADC, and EAC should play their rightful role of enforcing these investment measures as expected within the framework of the Africa Union Second Decade on Education (2006-2015) and United Nations agreements.

Finally, ANCEFA also calls upon rich nations especially the G8 to implement their commitment made in July 2009 in Italy to among others mobilize “predictable bilateral and multilateral resources in order to fulfil the financial shortfall estimated by the FTI at $1.2 billion over the coming 18 months, and to close gaps in education data, policy and capacity to accelerate action on EFA”. The International Monetary Fund and World Bank are hereby urged to quickly address all conditionalities and policies that have a negative impact on increased investment in teacher development programmes in Africa.

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