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What we have achieved up to date?

Report on 10 years of Advocacy for EFA in Africa

Contribution to the establishment of a social movement in favour of EFA:

34 national coalitions gathering teachers unions, researchers, journalists and human rights activists mobilized to put pressure on governments and international partners in order to make them respect their commitments as regards the achievement of EFA goals.

Capacity Building for Civil Society Organizations

  • Establishment of national lobbies engaged in the citizen monitoring of education budget and expenditures.
  • Training of coalitions on Evidence-Based Advocacy
  • Training of coalitions on fundraising.

Influencing policies by the means of lobbying and mass campaigns

  • The advocacy of ANCEFA member coalitions has contributed to the increase in national budgets allocated to education in 15 Sub-Saharan African countries (from 2000 to 2008).
  • Recognition of national coalitions as partners and stakeholders engaged in policy dialogue through governments in 21 African countries.
  • Recognition of ANCEFA as partner and stakeholder engaged in policy dialogue at continental and global levels through organisations such as ECOWAS, SADEC, the African Union, UNESCO, Global Campaign for Education (GCE), the Executive Committee of the Fast Track Initiative (FTI)

Research on advocacy

ANCEFA has established since 2007 the Africa Education Watch which has enabled to release 12 country reports and 1 regional report on progresses achieved by Africa in EFA.

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